Artwork Guidelines

For your artwork to progress smoothly and print correctly, please observe the following guidelines when supplying your digital files

  • Our preferred file format is a print-ready PDF with crop marks.
  • The trim box should be set to the size of the envelope.
  • Please supply the front and the back of the envelope as separate pages within the same PDF.
  • Artwork to print on the flap should be on the 2nd page (as though the flaps are closed) unless the envelope is a self-seal pocket.
  • Please allow 3mm bleed on your artwork.
  • Ensure all fonts are embedded.
  • Ensure any security on the file is removed.
  • Ensure files to be printed in spot colours do not contain CMYK or RGB elements and all the suffixes are consistent.
  • Ensure files to be printed CMYK do not contain any RGB elements and any spot colours should be converted to CMYK.
  • Lines or strokes should be .35pt or thicker.
  • Windows on overprint jobs; please ensure that there is a minimum of a 2mm border clear of print around the window. In our experience a vignette gives the best result.
  • On 4 colour overprint we require 6-7mm grip along the long edge.
  • Black text and PPI’s etc should be set to 100% black only
  • Please ensure that there are crop marks on the artwork that are set to the trim box