Bespoke & Specials

This is where the choices are virtually endless

  • Any material: silk, matt coated, board etc in a multitude of weights and finishes. If it can be folded it can be made.
  • Any closure: gummed, peel & seal, string & washer, re-sealable etc. Even VELCRO is possible!
  • Any size: tiny bankers of 60x80mm to huge C2 wallets. We can make envelopes to enclose just about any item.
  • Any quantity: from hand-making a single envelope to multi-million runs. Production tailored to your needs.
  • Any finish: foil blocking, printing, embossing. Add the finishing touch.

With handfolding, reel fed, and blank fed manufacturing all under one roof, we have the capability to ensure that your every envelope requirement is met. From 10 envelopes with bespoke print, embossing and foiling, to 10,000,000 envelopes with simple black print, we cover all the bases - if we can’t make it then nobody else will be able to!