Our new digital printing machine

colour printing for envelopes

The newest addition to the Peak Envelope team, our colour digital printer, picks up where our FlexoOverprint (or Litho print) and Flat Sheet Conversion options end.

Great for short runs and offering an excellent and fast turnaround on production, Juno (yes we named her!) can print on all postal packaging items. And this printer can be used for printing up to 4 colours on almost any porous substance up to 90mm thick. Size wise, it also offers a wider print width. Juno will also make way for printing on almost any porous surface - like egg cartons or pizza boxes. And it will allow us to do small runs on subscription packaging boxes too.

It means Juno is pretty much an all-rounder in our office. 

Please do get in contact with one of our Account Managers so we can help you decide on the best printing method for your client's next job.