120 x 215mm Enviroflute White Peel & Seal Padded Pocket EF00/B


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 The Best Environmentally Friendly Padded Bag Ever

Our paper padded bag is biodegradable, recyclable, and uses a unique space-saving design - saving you both storage space and helping save the planet. What also sets this product apart from others is that it offers protection against the elements and normal delivery knocks, while also being water resistant

Available in 10 sizes, this ultra-lightweight, slimline professional-looking product will ensure your product is shipped safely, whilst making a statement to your customers that you care about the environment and reducing the use of single-use plastic bags.  

Brand Enviroflute
Size 120 x 215mm
Colour White
Window Non-window
GSM 75/35 g (weight/thickness - the higher the value the thicker the product)
Opaque Non-opaque (All white - no inside print)
Closure Peel & Seal (Lift strip to expose glue)
Style Padded Pocket
Postal Size Letter (up to 165 x 240mm)
Pack Size 200 Envelopes
Pallet Qty 18,000 Envelopes (90 Boxes of 200)
Weight per item 8.8 grams



  • Small items
  • jewellery
  • compact electronics and tech
  • fixings
  • tiny inventory
  • pharmaceuticals


  • Our digital printer offers personalised branding - add your logo or slogan to our paper padded bags
  • 4 colour printing