220 x 220mm Himalayan White Peel & Seal All-board Pocket 1017


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Welcome to our Himalayan All board Range, these offer the highest protection and come in a variety of sizes and offer a lot of security and with a long shelf life, these are ideal for E-commerce, Calendars, and photos. Hardworking and industrious, think of this as your tough, good looking partner for safe shipping.



Brand Himalayan
Size 220 x 220mm
Colour White
Window Non-window
GSM 350 g (weight/thickness - the higher the value the thicker the product)
Opaque Non-opaque (All white - no inside print)
Closure Peel & Seal (Lift strip to expose glue)
Style All-board Pocket
Postal Size Large letter (up to 250 x 353mm
Pack Size 200 Envelopes
Pallet Qty 8,000 Envelopes (40 Boxes of 200)
Weight per item 43 grams