Fluted Card Mailer - 248 x 358mm


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Our 100% recyclable sleek fluted card mailer.

Our manilla fluted card mailer, also referred to as a corrugated envelope, is the perfect biodegradable and recyclable cardboard solution (even the red ripper strip is recyclable) for your customers. Tamper-proof, strong, and versatile in sizing, this card mailer is truly unique with its cardboard e-fluted interior protecting items in transit from the usual bumps and shakes. It is simple in design, economical and sustainable, thereby reducing the use of single-use plastics - the ultimate win-win for trade customers. 

Variable print data is an added option, as well as digitally printing a logo, design or message for a truly personal approach. 

Available in 4 sizes, this lightweight, biodegradable fluted card mailer is the perfect accompaniment for your customer's items to be shipped safely. 

We would love to help you with these and other sustainable packaging solutions.

Size 248 x 358mm (and 3 other sizes)180 x 235mm234 x 334mm, 328 x 458mm
Colour Manilla
Window Non-window
GSM 400g (weight/thickness - the higher the value the thicker the product)
Opaque Opaque
Closure Peel and seal 
Opening Easy-to-open recyclable red ripper strip
Material E-fluted cardboard inside, board
Format Wallet
Pallet Qty
Weight per item


  • Books
  • Small items
  • Compact electronics and tech
  • Catalogues
  • Health products
  • Gifts
  • DVDs and CDs


  • Our digital printer offers personalised branding - add your logo or slogan to our corrugated envelope
  • 4 colour printing